How to scrape Amazon® products with the Halios-data's API

The purpose of this article is how to search and filter the products with our API.

Today, If I search for products from Amazon's website like iWatch, I can see the following results.

Search products with the Amazon website

If we analyze the structure, we found two elements:

  1. Left panel, we can apply filters

  2. Right panel, the products display

Search products with the API

Create an account to RapidAPI

Today, you need to create an account to RAPIDAPI to consume the API, but don't worry, you can use your Google or Github account ;).

Subscribe to the API

After the login, you are generally redirected to the API hub. Else click here

You can test the API for free with 200 requests per month. Click on the subscribe button and choose the Basic plan.

Use the API with Postman

If I reproduce the request with the API and Postman

In the URL, I indicate

Don't forget to add the RAPIDAPI Token in the headers

  • x-RapidAPI-key

  • x-RapidAPI-host

Now I launch the request, after some seconds, the result is displayed.

And like the website, we have the two panels

the first panel that are the docs for the API

And filters with refinments attribute.

Apply filter to products

Imagine if I need to filter the products Apple.

I have to add this address to the filter query param in the API

Now the API returns just the Apple products.

And you can, if you wish re-apply other filters.

Thank you and good scraping with us.

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