We help you to scrap and valorize the data

Our Mission

Halios-data is a french company.   Our mission is to make the scraping easiest. 

We have developed a solution based on the AI to learn how to pass the security and retrieve the page under the string and JSON formats. 

In parallel, we develop specific APIs like Amazon, Aliexpress, Google. And others in the future.

All data scraped are stocked in the database, and we valorize them and produce models for our AI. 

Our Purpose

Halios-data propose tools that scrap live data on the web. 

But in the R&D case,  we can develop a specific API just for you,  or if it is possible for all Halios-data customers in order to reduce the price.

Do you want a specific extract in a different format just for one shot? Contact us we will send an estimate or contact our team by chat.  

Les concepteurs de travail
Analyser les données

Our Story

Passioned about data and its structures, we have worked in large services companies. 


Today, it's crucial to analyze the web in any activity, but we are being confronted with the captcha restriction, security and others. 


On the market, you have many very complicated solutions, or we have to integrate solutions inside other solutions and the architectures become complicated. 

That is why we have decided to develop Halios-data to simplify the scraping with the best price. 



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